Thought you might like to know.....

My brother Collin was always one of the biggest encouragers I've ever had, pushing me to share music with people, even when I thought it was "complete" yet. So, it seems fitting to say a couple things today (his Birthday): 
1. My album will be entitled "In The Silence" and will be dedicated to Collin. It only seems fitting that, as a huge part of my life, and supporting and encouraging me no matter what, that this be a way to honor him. 
2. I'm very please to announce that "In The Silence" will be available on, iTunes, Amazon, and GooglePlay on March 3rd! Here's what the album art looks like! Huge shout out to  and for the design cover, and the photos! 

See you March 3rd! Until then, be sure to check back for some videos about the songs and maybe a few little snippets! 


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